Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Night Small Bore

I was able to get away from work early enough to make it to my club's smallbore rifle league. Because of the volume of electrophysiology studies and pacemaker/ICD placements we do now, I'm lucky if I can get there every other week, and it shows. I'm shooting a bull-barrel Winchester 52B made in the late '30's mounting a BSA target scope in a modified stock. It's certainly able to do it's part, if I can live up to the rifle's capabilities. However, shooting an approximately 12 pound single shot .22 from the unsupported standing position accurately is a challenge for me. Tonight I shot a 354 out of 400 possible in four-position smallbore. It's not god-awful atrocious, but when the guys you shoot with score in at least the 370s or higher consistently, it's not a confidence builder. On the flip side, the heft of this rifle has made shooting CMP type rifles easier, as they feel light in comparison, and the number of .22 rounds expended contributes to better form in shooting positions.

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