Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Vanity Quest

We started our quest for a period appropriate vanity for our upstairs bathroom yesterday, only to find there wasn't much out there that appealed to us and is affordable at the same time. However, we did have a great time buying things in Cabela's in Owatanna. Ran across a Finnish stamped SVT 40, and two Japanese carbines that were there the last time I was there 4-5 months ago. They both still have the massive dust bunnies in the bores that preclude any investigation of the muzzle condition. I'd love to buy any of them, but this Cabela's tends to overvalue their milsurps by quite a bit.

Later today we'll check out Des Moines for bathroom vanities. Of course, there is that Scheel's with a large used rifle collection in that area......

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