Monday, May 7, 2007

Why Sweden Needs An Islamic Government Now

'Male witch' allegedly attacks roommates

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, April 25 (UPI) -- A 24-year-old man who called himself as a "male witch" may end up in prison for allegedly terrorizing two roommates for several hours in Stockholm, Sweden.

The unidentified man allegedly flew into a rage in March when his two apartment mates refused to have a drink with him. He allegedly kept one of the men at knifepoint for hours, The Local reported Wednesday.

The roommates said when they refused the offer of a drink the man tore off his lion's-tooth necklace and started howling like a wolf -- while dancing.

The man reportedly said he was part wolf and hunted one of his roommates through the streets. The roommate was ultimately left alone, but remained stuck outside in frigid temperatures in only his underwear.

The suspect allegedly returned to the apartment and detained the other man with a pair of knives -- and even tried to cut his roommate's throat.

The detained roommate said authorities showed up to arrest the male witch after he fell asleep, The Local reported.

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All this can be avoided, if Sweden would simply go with the Saudi model, although they don't seem have department for lycanthropy.


BobG said...

Sounds like he forget to take his meds.

Anonymous said...

The poor doggie. He looks so patient with his human.