Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Getting Anal At The Range

Keeping in the spirit of firearms owner across America (rugged, independent, no-bullshit individualists), our local range has instituted a new rule. ALL MEMBERS WILL PICK UP ALL THEIR BRASS ALL THE TIME...including these especially visually jarring .22 rimfire cartridges.

Thank goodness we've finally achieved this. I can't count the number of times my trip to the range has utterly ruined by the eyesore of brass just left lying on the ground. Especially the .22 brass. Where's our membership's compassion for Mother Earth? How does it affect the life cycle of our local ground squirrels? What would Al Gore think about our failure to recycle the precious metals we've stolen from Gaia?

I look forward to being on the committee to install video camera's London-style so we can identify and punish re-educate members who fail to account for every piece of brass they fire. I envision hiring a brass registration officer, who will register the types and amounts of rounds brought in, and compare all empty brass upon leaving to the entry record. Eventually, all members will come to realize what really matters in a shooting at the range: it's not about fun, it's about ORDER.

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Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Yep, that's lame, all right. We're lucky enough that a friend lets us shoot on his private 100 yd range over in the backwoods of West Virginia.