Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Pistol Match

As predicted, I did manage to bugger up something unexpected at the pistol match. It's a good, good, idea to make sure before shooting a match, that you don't grab the oldest, crappiest, beater magazines you own. I had one magazine launch a couple of rounds straight out the top of the pistol when I slapped it into the pistol, one that I had to pry out after firing it dry, and best of all, one with a failure to feed that left half the cartridge in the chamber, half in the magazine. Ended up having to tap the round back into the magazine through the barrel, then tap the cartridge straight down into the magazine before I could drop it.

Thinking about it when I got back, I realized some of these magazines are over ten years old. Guess it's time to stop being a cheap bastard and cull a few, then invest in some better quality name brand mags. Also, I shouldn't assume just because I put the magazines away a few years ago, that they were actually clean. Amazing how much better a magazine loads when it's not full of grit.

Even with the screw-ups, any day I can go out and shoot on a sunny day in the '60s with a light breeze with good company is a good day. Next month, I'll try to put on an NRA action pistol match.

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