Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Affirming Britishness Is Simply.....Un-British?

Britain to have a national day and pupils to swear 'oaths of allegiance to the Queen' under new plans to bolster national pride;

Labour heavyweights, opposition politicians, teachers' leaders and pressure groups also lined up to pour scorn on the plans for citizenship ceremonies in which all teenagers would be asked to swear an oath of allegiance to Queen and country.


What would you like them to be loyal to?

It seems that if you don't provide something of value, worthy of loyalty, then they will find something that will accept their loyalty. Such as gangs, for example. Or simply themselves. Perhaps a nice charismatic religious or political figure with their own agenda?

Something the Left in both Britain and the U.S. either will not or cannot accept, is a deeply held conviction that one's society is something to be proud of. There is a profound difference between those who see their cultures as something worthy of emulation, and want to lead by example, versus those who see oppression/fascism/racism when others promote their culture and feel the need to muzzle them.

I hope they institute it. The last time I can recall Britain being proud was during the Falklands War. They're better than what they've allowed themselves to become.

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