Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hell Lite

While still waiting to deploy OCONUS (overseas), I'm on what's euphemistically called "training status". Which, since the unit has completed all the required tasks to actually deploy, means entertaining myself. However, being half a continent away from home, options are limited, as the following are either outright forbidden:
Rental vehicles
Personal firearms

Or only allowed when specifically noted:

Civilian clothing
Leaving the post
Individual thought

Which gives me a serious case of envy as I watch the local permanent party troops buying beer, riding motorcycles, and listen to the sound of the pistol ranges while stuck here in the mold-infested WWII barracks (seen below in 1943):
Which really went down hill in the '50s:
They actually look better now, but there's six decades of mold underneath them. You couldn't pay me to crawl under one these buildings now, even if they did get rid of the feral cats living under all of them.

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