Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Georgia: Seems Like Old Times.....

"We invite the nations for the peaceful talk but we can repulse any provocation"

....in Lavia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Finland that is. No wonder Georgia's been pressing for NATO membership for so long.
I was surprised to to find this article from Newsweek online. I'd be in favor of it, even if I ended up having to go. If someone's your ally, and you let them get rolled under without a fight, don't be surprised when you find yourself short of friends.

As the author notes:

And if the West does not react forcefully to protect Georgia? Russia, and all
the nations on its periphery, will draw the obvious lessons.


Pozono said...

There is all kinds of Deja Vu here. I think of Hungary '56. Then theres that sinking WW1 feeling all over, and let's not forget Checoslovakia '68. Everybody was worried about the Bush and Iran getting it on this year, but the main event turns out to be Chenney and Georgia in '08!

MauserMedic said...


I wouldn't be surprised to see this happening to some of the other former satellite states in the next few years. Communism Lite seems to be slipping away in favor of Communism By Any Other Name in Russia.