Saturday, August 2, 2008

The MFO Turns 26

Granted, most people have never heard of the MFO. In fact, in Israel, most of the people I've spoken to have no idea of what the MFO is. So you say "UN" and "Peacekeeper", and it's good enough. Thankfully, we're NOT employed by the UN. Meaning we're only moderately screwed up. But the MFO has fulfilled it's mission successfully for it's entire twenty-six years, so that's a pretty good achievement. So, a quick glimpse of how we celebrate; and a good idea of how much of a budget there is for this kind of stuff.

Step One: Free Cake!

At this point, I found out the same thing I found in Iraq if you take a picture of one guy, every other guy who sees you insists you take his picture too:

There's more, but most probably aren't interested in seeing the better part of the whole dining facility staff in ones and twos.

Step Two: Music

Courtesty of the camp house band, "The Fiji Band". The only guys with enough instruments and organization on post to actually perform music.

Step Three: Man Dresses!

Show off those fabulous Bedouin togs you picked up at the Bazaar today, and head out to party with your friends:

Step Four:

Don't irritate the police with flash photography.

I will note that the Columbian MPs take care to look sharp on duty.

Pretty tame as celebrations go, but we're not at the Iowa Freedom Rally, so we take what we can get.

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