Monday, August 25, 2008

In The Oddest Places

As I'm clearing away paperwork in my barracks room, I have the TV on. All programming is through the post television station. On one of the four English-language channels, World's Most Dangerous Places or something of that nature is on. Today, it's the host wandering about the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some of the things that drew my attention away from my paperwork:

This line from the host as he goes with some park rangers looking for mountain gorillas:
The first sign- a fresh turd.

Truly, something I have never heard on TV before. And delivered with complete earnestness.

Second, and more interesting to me, was watching the park rangers assemble. A short platoon of men, armed with M1 carbines. In what appeared to be very good condition. How long must those rifles have been sitting in Africa?

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