Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heh. Hehehehe. Bwahahahah!

I'm not a big fan of McCain. Especially after McCain-Feingold. But he's better than the alternative, not that there's much that could be worse. But I like him, or at least his staff a little better after reading this.

We're about due for a commu... ahh, Democratic presidency, just because most people will vote for change for the sake of change. Me, not so much. Besides, this time it's a choice between a centrist dictator and a lighter version of Pugsley Chavez. I don't see a whole lot of win for me in the next four years, so I say go for the throat, Col. Tigh, and spit his trachea out on the floor. Entertain me. It'll probably be the only thing you could do in the next four years I'd support.

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