Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jerky Barbecue

Yesterday's trip to the Fiji barbecue was pretty much what all of the barbecues are here on post: good intentions, horrible food. That's due to the relative isolation of North Camp. Supplies are purchased from the local club on post, that gets them from the same supply as the mess hall. So what you get is the same steak: a half-inch thick piece of gristle reminiscent of partially hydrated jerky. Locally speaking, that's good eating. I prefer foods that don't leave me with a muscle fatigue induced aching jaw for the next day. So I stick with the overcooked chicken breasts. If you have some water in your mouth at the same time as the chicken, it'll break down fairly quickly so you can swallow it.

First stop after getting home and release: Outback Steakhouse. Filet Mignon, sweet potato with butter and brown sugar, Sam Adam's beer. The shock to my system will be huge, but it's worth it.


GeorgeH said...

If it's that much worse than Outback Steakhouse, it is grim indeed.

BobG said...

Best thing to do with tough bad cuts of beef is braising or stewing.

Bob said...

*nods* I used to dislike Navy shipboard steaks, which were always too thin and always overcooked. Strangely enough, though, guys that never ate Midrats (3rd shift leftovers from dinner) would show up to eat the leftover steaks.

MauserMedic said...

GeorgeH - one takes what one can get!

BobG - there is no guarantee it was beef....I'll have to try to get pictures of the camel disposal site found by one of our medics.

Bob - I can't eat the damn things short of starvation; I could kill my own critters outside the wire and cook them better.