Monday, November 3, 2008

Opinions: They're Like...

...well, you know how the rest of it goes. Having a cup of coffee after morning Army PT, CNN International is on in the background. Today's topic, who would various people off the street vote for, and why. Some highlights:

Egyptian guy on the street on why: He's multiracial, so he'll be tolerant because, well, he's multiracial.

Next Egyptian guy: Obama. He'll stop persecuting us and favoring Israel (exactly how much money do we pour into Egypt every year?).

Over to Israel, we get some more deep, intensely reasoned answers:

Israeli on the street 1: Obama. "Because he's black, and I like black people." This is a quote; the reporter isn't used to people actually just laying that reason out, and asked if color is a good reason to vote for them. Answer, once again a quote: "yes".

Israeli number 2: Obama; because I'm investing a lot of money over there, and it will be safer with him in charge. This answer almost led to internal burns of lungs from a mouthful of coffee and trying not to laugh at the same time.

Israeli number 3: Obama; US out of Iraq!

There were some McCain answers among the Israeli's, mainly due to fear of withdrawn support if he doesn't get in. Guess they'll find out one way or another before too much longer. Regardless, it's apparent the US doesn't corner the market on shallow thinking and politicians.

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