Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh Yeah, I'm Gonna Feel The Love For This One...

My answer to this question in class tonight:

However, let me ask: Is the fact that President-elect Obama an African-American going to have any impact on his ability to create the change upon which he campaigned?


Based upon reading the blogs of those in opposition to his election, the greatest resistance to the proposed changes is philosophical. There is a major divide in this nation relating to the role of government in economics and culture. As the popular vote was 52% in favor and 48% opposing the President-elect, this division will eventually have a major impact. Congress must pass the laws; if enough people are unhappy with those laws, members of Congress will be the first to pay the price. I think the racial aspect will in the short term enhance his ability to achieve his goals, as political correctness will exact a price for opposing desired changes. In the long term, most people will vote for their wallet; if things go well for them, he will be supported; if not, then the opposite. Money is a far more powerful long-term motivator than race or ethnicity for most people.

Let the slings and arrows commence.

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