Monday, November 3, 2008

Leave, Day 3: Cairo Again

Going back in time a little, here's some images from leave this year. A brief overview of Cairo, on the way to the Egyptian Museum. Keep in mind the general impression you get from the image above that a marketing agency took in Cairo.
Your run-of-the-mill living quarters in Cairo. The Wife asked me, earnestly, why there were people living in buildings waiting to be demolished. Of course, the answer is, because they're not getting demolished. It's just the standard of living here.

Some of the local motorcyclists. It gets better.

And some of your folks who don't ride cycles....

A dog getting ready to cross the road? Nope, that's a stream. Time for a drink.
Not bad for a 250cc bike.

Pizza, Egyptian, Hamburgers: If you can shove it in a greasy sack, you can get it delivered via motorcycle.

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