Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mosins N' Carhartts

Actually made it out to the range for the first time in months, which is way too long. And instead of being 28 degrees, it was a balmy 42, with a 10mph wind out of the very flat, unobstructed west. Anticipating this, I decided to take my snowblowing gear, which is a set of lined Carhartt bibs and jacket.

Getting to the range, I was a little suprised there was anyone else there, but there was one pistol shooter with his very supportive wife/girlfriend/something, who looked decidedly cold. Shortly after this, another two pistol shooters showed up, one of them shooting in jeans and a t-shirt. I love shooting, but not enough to freeze my ass off for a fifty round plinking session. Then again, he was probably wondering why some guy was shooting an antique dressed like a construction worker in January. Hey, at least I was comfortable, even lying on the ground for an hour of prone unsupported at 200 yards.

Some realizations from this session:

I can shoot my Model 1891 Mosin made in 1916 more accurately at 200 yards than I can shoot my AR, which also went along today;

With the right weather and a good tin roof overhead, the 7.62 x 54R makes a beautiful rolling boom that really stands out on the range;

My AR fires Brown Bear 62 grain softpoints without a hiccup;

Two years of no shooting past 50 yards takes a noticeable toll on my skills;

Carhartts are a great product;

I may start doing some winter shooting if I can be as comfortable as I was today.

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