Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ain't Reality A Bitch?

I expect children to whine, cry, and sob when they see a needle coming at them. When you're a young, but adult, woman, it's simply pathetic. Especially if it's a change-out of central venous catheter you already have in, in which case you know damn well it's not horribly uncomfortable to have done. Keep in mind, we're doing this to keep you alive. So swearing at the staff, screaming that we made you look like a freak, and yelling there's a massive length of tubing that's disfiguring after your procedure is done isn't something that makes us look forward to working with you. And we are the ones that will keep you alive when your line fails, which it eventually will, unless your dialysis loop in your arm has time to mature. In which case, you'll be really unhappy when you notice that success means having something that looks like a massive hemorrhoid on your forearm, that will be stuck at with a couple of sixteen-gauge needles three times a week, which will leave plenty of additional scars over time. And you'll come to see us when that eventually fails too, and we have to angioplasty it open three or four times until it's unsalvagable, and the surgeons move to the next area of your body to make a new loop. Where we will start over a square one again, putting in another central catheter.

We'll do the same quality of work, each time, because it's our job to do it right, regardless of how much on a spoiled ass you are. But don't expect much sympathy. We have it, but it's not infinite; and believe it or not, your not super-special. There's lots of people worse off than you, who are simply happy someone helps them live longer with a better quality of life than otherwise.

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