Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sino-Soviet Saturday

Took a break to attend an auction at the local fair grounds today. While the focus of it was various auto repair shops cleaning out their obsolete and redundant tools, there were two items of interest to me noted in the paper; a "Russian rifle, 7.62x54" and a "rifle, 7.62x39". Can't hurt to look, I figured.

After getting there, I found an M-44, dated 1944, and a Norinco SKS. Both in relatively good shape. While I was waiting for the auctioneer to get to the rifles, I got a brief lesson in rifle identification listening to bystanders. Apparently, M44 carbines are easily confused with Springfield rifles. Also, they're American made, because there's writing on the side of the receiver in English showing "the company that made them". And according to one man, at least in his fifties, speaking to his friend, no one with any sense would by either of them, because "they're old junk; only modern rifles are any good".

All that may be why I now have another SKS for the cost of $140, and another M44 for $110. A damn good price for an SKS, and a not-bad price for a bolt rifle selling for $169.99 two blocks away at the local Fleet Farm.

I'll be watching the auction advertisements a little closer from now on.


Mark Horning said...

Very good price for a Chicom SKS. I personally think the Russian or Romanian ones are nicer, but the Chinese ones sell for more.

M44 price is fair, but not a smoking deal, they can be had in half the shops in Phoenix for $119.

Good job. I suspect it required a bit of patience.

MauserMedic said...


The M44s were $139 about a week ago; I suspect the season has something to do with sudden increase.

Reverend Canoodle said...

Oh, you basterd ... er, no. Just kidding - good snag ;-) I have 4 Mosin-Nagants. They are all shooters. My friends and I have a bunch of fun making big noises with these rifles that still function flawlessly.

And I have lusted after a SKS for quite some time - therefore the exclamation at the beginning of this post when I read how much you stole that one for ;-)