Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How Inspiring...........

it is to assist a medical professional as they manage to make a 45 minute, in and out, simple surgical procedure into a marathon monkey humping a football session. And having to listen to perpetrator of this gripe about how he'll going to miss out on his planned activities, then blame the staff for making him late, after creating the additional several hours of problems through his own actions, just makes the rest of the staff wish for a ski mask and baseball bat for after the procedure.

Medicine. It's where the professionals are.


ebd10 said...

It's immaturity. My time in the medical field led me to believe that a doctor's emotional development ceased when they graduated Medical School. The reason being that they are told all through school that they are always right, always in charge, and always the final arbiter because they hold the highest degree of responsibility. Unfortunately, this propaganda usually causes the opposite of the desired effect; Instead of being humbled and open-minded enough to learn from those lower on the hierarchy, they become super-annuated children who think that their feces emanate the aroma of roses.

MauserMedic said...


I think it actually gets worse as they get older, with more experience under their belts. Rarely does anyone tell them "no". The results are similare to working with a very bright, but spoiled, teenager.