Monday, November 30, 2009

Intermittent Posting (Even More Than Normal)

Posting will be even more haphazard than usual, as the combination of an accelerated finance class studies(I feel like the guy above looks), Guard drill weekend, and work join to create a perfect version of The Suck. When the alternating periods of personal conviction that I'm on the low end of simple and desire to strangle random people cease, the usual torrent of intolerance, anger, and amazement will commence once again.

In the meantime, here's a belated Ugly Gun Sunday Post in honor of Sino-Soviet Saturday's topic:

I'm guessing the artist is question didn't take the time to modify the gas system to function, so we have a really poorly engineered straight-pull pistol at this point. Bet that flash hider works just super too. Although I'll admit, if this was given to me for free, I'd keep it just for shooting at dusk as personal entertainment.


zack taylor said...

it doesnt need a gas piston to operate but it is needed to push back that bolt and bolt carrier who ever made it said its a pistol so its a blow back system....means no gas piston just like in a pistol..and i think im going to make mine like this my house burnt down so im trying to find ways to fix my sks

Kory Smith said...

Hey zachary I know your comment is two years old I just found this but I heard there is a kit to convert an SKS into a bullpup might want to look into it.