Thursday, September 8, 2011

Camping, Non-Military Style

Recently spent some time with The Wife out in the woods to get away from the house for a bit. We headed to Ledges State Park, taking the main bike along with the Cracker Camper on the back of the chase truck. Ledges has some beautiful views, proving that Iowa is not flat in the same sense as Kansas or North Dakota:

It's also a great area for those interested in butterflies; one has to dodge them when the sun is out. Of course, there are other critters wandering about also:

That critter tried to land on the wife; at around two inches long, she wasn't having any of that. Then there are these:

These were running about four inches long, and moved pretty quick. Creeps the hell out me; never much cared for critters with lots of legs.

But there's always something pleasant to do when camping, like playing with the cast iron:

Pan-fried soft shell with refried beans, then piles of other goodies. You can eat that sucker like a pizza, and it tastes damn fine with a beer.

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