Friday, March 16, 2007

One Big Melting Pot

Customer service and faith clash at registers. I wonder if this gives left wing bacon lovers a headache: on one hand, this person is imposing their religious beliefs on other people, in public; a behavior frowned upon by the "enlightened" in our current society. On the other hand, as a living example of diversity (all hail diversity), we should respect this person's important cultural contribution that enriches us all.

If your convictions conflict with your job, get another job. In my career field, there are some procedures I would not be part of. That's why I work for an employer that doesn't do those things. Yes, there's actually a point past which I'm not willing to whore myself, and would have to quit. I understand when your personal beliefs make you refuse to engage in a behavior. Doesn't mean that actions don't have consquences.

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