Sunday, March 25, 2007

“Things That Should Not Surprise Anyone (But Probably Will)”

I've been tagged by the Unforgiving Minute with a Meme (hot damn! first one...), the topic of which is: “Things That Should Not Surprise Anyone (But Probably Will)”.

1) Having a medical doctorate does not automatically imbue the receiver with wisdom, sagacity, compassion, or, most of all, common sense.

2) Spending $25,000 on a chromed-out Harley-Davidson that you ride on the weekends with your HOG friends doesn't make one a biker.

3) Buying a $2000 customized handgun doesn't confer god-like handling and accuracy skills upon the operator.

4) Equality of medical care does not equal quality medical care.

5) Being wealthy, "social elite", and in the legislature does not make guarantee any relation to informed, reasonable, or practical legislation.

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