Sunday, March 4, 2007

Without Recourse To The Law

If true, this is sickening (h/t to Gates of Vienna). I'm inclined to believe it based on my experiences in a town I once worked in. We had a fair number of non-english speaking hispanic employees of the local egg production industry come through our health clinic for various problems (such as the first time I ever shot a chest x-ray that showed active tuberculosis). While my relation to these folks involved imaging for respiratory problems and on the job injuries (such as the man who complained about his arm aching after falling at work; I think it had more to do with with the very poorly healed fracture and deformed bullet lodged in the bone...Me to Translator: Has he ever been shot? Translator to Me: He says no, never) I ended up doing some firearms training for one of the female healthcare providers when she started receiving threats from a portion of that population. Apparently it had to do with her knowledge of several rapes and beatings of women at the plant who felt that reporting this to law enforcement wasn't an option for them. Not to mention that the above translator (employed by said egg production facility) was later arrested by the State Patrol after shooting his ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend, snatching his (traslator's) daughter by the woman at gunpoint, and running for Mexico down the Interstate.

While I'm not in favor of the currently lax efforts of the Federal government in enforcing our immigration laws, NO woman or child should be subjected to this. My gut feeling is that this would be an excellent training opportunity for scout-sniper teams to practice their observation skills reporting border crossings, and their shooting skills the moment some subhuman filth engages in assault and rape.

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