Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beersheva Ambulance Run

View from the hotel balcony after dropping off the patient.. Yup, I got a hotel. Cause when you transfer care of the patient at 0200 in the morning, the border is closed. The picture was taken at 0800 the same day, after five hours of sleep (FYI, I wasn't stingy with the pixels today. Click to embiggen).
Time to get the ambulance from it's low-probability area of being stolen. Not seen, giant iron gate behind me as I take the picture, and big ol' security lock on the ambulance's tire. Israeli car thieves, #1 in the world. According to the Israeli cops.
The other reason the ambulance is unmolested. Rotting garbage directly behind it.
Israeli monuments. Power to the Workers!.....or something like that, I guess. Maybe there's a CAT dealership somewhere nearby.
I just kept driving. No need to stop here.

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