Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks, But I'll Pass On That One

Received in my work e-mail yesterday:

Subject: Crazy exotic coffee

Lady and Gents,

As you have all probably learned by now, we at Anonymous Medical Company take our coffee drinking seriously, more seriously perhaps than even our work and family. We believe that a fine fresh, daily cup of French-Pressed coffee is not a luxury but a natural right. We strive always to brew the finest, freshest pot possible. But, my friends, the time has come to step it up a notch.
On the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Bali there lives a strange monkey/cat-like creature called a civet. In addition to being the primary source of scent for Chanel no. 5, it too is a consumer and producer of coffee. When the civet eats and digests the coffee berry the byproduct, called Kopi Luwak, is nature’s most perfect (and most expensive) coffee bean. I say that we, here in the Sinai, deserve the world’s finest coffee. That is why I have contacted you all.
In the next week or so, we in the Anonymous Medical Company orderly room, the fountainhead of all that is right with caffeine consumption on this desolate peninsula, plan to order some Kopi Luwak. So, if you are interested contributing to the Kopi Luwak fund, please let me know. Because after all, don’t you deserve it?

SGT Coffee Guy
Anonymous Medical Company
EXT xxxx

PS: In case I danced around the point a little too much the coffee berry is eaten by and then crapped out by the civet. But, and butts are important when discussing poop-coffee, the beans have been cleaned and roasted so its not like we’re drinking straight-up poop here.

I like coffee; no, I love coffee. But (ew) I'm not touching this stuff.

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