Friday, October 17, 2008

If You Might Not Like The Answer....

maybe you shouldn't have asked who I was voting for.
Then again, it was fun watching your face when I said "Palin.....and that old guy". Sort of the look you'd give somebody who just farted at a funeral. And you got the same look when I answered your question of why with "I'm a gun owner".

And to answer your question of would I vote for him if he wouldn't "take away guns" (good luck with that). Sure I would. When he doesn't associate with terrorists, ballot-box stuffers, racists, and communists. But I didn't tell you that, because even if you are a healthy young woman I was:

1) In uniform when asked, so shouldn't have said anything in the first place;

2) Pretty sure you would stroke out if I said it out loud.

But hey, thanks for telling me you "don't like me anymore". I appreciate that rational, logical response on your part. Because that's what America is all about: hating people for not thinking the way you want them to.

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