Friday, October 3, 2008

Didn't See The Debate...

as it was on at 0300 here, but looking over the news, I see multiple MSM sources saying Palin wasn't a complete failure. And my friend across the hallway (he is actually my friend; I just received a an autographed Lemmy Kilmeister photo from him. Dude has more bands sending him stuff....) isn't gloating about Palin being stomped into political mud, like he was anticipating yesterday. Both of these things indicate to me that she probably handled herself well, but didn't utterly route Biden. Which isn't bad, given the years of practice he's had sucking up to the camera.

But now, it's back to online school, and today's class topic:

Corporate Culture: Should We Pretend We Understand It, Or Just Say WTF?

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Xavier said...

MM, she whipped his ass. The MSM just refuses to recognize it.