Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day Off (sort of)

As one of our physicians who generates a lot of procedures is off for the week, I've been "voluntarily" flexed from work for the day (voluntarily as in, I can say "no problem" with a smile and use some PTO, or be ordered to take it off and get some negative remarks in my job review about playing well with others; might as well keep some brownie points). There's no shortage of tasks to be done around the house, especially as the deployment looms in what seems to be the near future. On the other hand, there will be little time off up to that date, and virtually none afterwards. So, given that it's not raining, snowing, or sub-zero, it seems like it might be time to get some range time in.

I've committed to taking out the AR-15 every time I get out there until leaving; many people seem surprised by this, but the Army, or at least the part I've been exposed to, is only concerned about weapons proficiency during annual qualification. The rest of the time weapons are something to be locked up lest one go missing and ruin someone's efficiency review. For those of us in the support role (not combat arms), I look at weapons as similar to a fire extinguisher. It's unlikely I'll need it, but if I do I better damn well be able to operate it quickly and efficiently. And nothing builds muscle memory and skill like practice.

But it shouldn't be all practice without fun. Which is why I'm considering which .30 caliber to take with. There's an M1 sitting in the corner that was picked up shortly before the last deployment, which still hasn't been fired; next to it sits a new-to-me Soviet M44......decisions, decisions.

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