Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ugly Gun Sunday

From an evidence room in gun-free Great Britain, what appears to be a very old and abused submachine gun. Although this looks like it was put together as a high school metal shop project, there were millions of such guns put together by various governments in WWII when hardwood furniture and bluing were recognized as unrelated to reliability. That said, I thought this was a smuggled com-bloc gun, but I don't find anything quite matching the layout on the web. Anyone else recognize this one?


jon spencer said...

Could it be one of those that are built by the user.
There were (are) plans floating around the net.
They looked like a cross between a Sten and a M-3 grease gun. Not to hard to build either. Almost all off the shelf parts too.

CocaCola4blood said...

It's a Carl Gustav M/45 (Kulsprutepistol m/45) or some variant. Used in STOS "Bread and Circuses" and by Charlton Heston in the Omega Man (with a flashlight attached). I wouldn't classify this as an Ugly Gun as much as an In Need Of Cleaning one.

Papa Whiskey said...

A Swedish K, right enough. As ratty-looking as that one is, and having turned up in the UK, it might even be a knockoff from one of the home workshops of the North-West Frontier in Pakistan.

randy said...

mauser, i think your knowledge of firearms may actually be pretty limited. i did a bit of searching and found tons of info on this gun. apparantly it's not all that exotic, and is in fact a highly dependable weapon.

Anonymous said...

I was almost certain the smg Charleton Heston used in Omega Man was a Smith & Wesson M76 which is interesting as the S&W was the replacement for US forces at the time when the Swedish smg was no longer available

And thanks for letting me post