Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Gun Show

Another semi-annual gun show has come and gone. Some of the changes I've noticed:

Hardly a Russian rifle to be seen; have people finally bought all those Mosins that have been stacked like cordwood for the last several years? On the other hand, there were more AR variants than I've seen a long time, with rail farms seeming to be the latest trend. As usual for the Midwest, shotguns ruled the show, running from $125 for 16 guage single shots to $1200 for various over/unders. Mausers seem to be getting thinned out, with rifles that would have sold for $150 a few years ago now tagged above $400. Most surprising of all, a glut of Japanese rifles in decent condition, and perhaps a fourth of them with Mums intact.

Missing and unlamented from the recent show: Beanie Babys, jerky, and unwashed fat men in military-style clothing.

Present, and unexpected: the coin dealer who was at least 80 if he was a day, wearing a hillbilly hair ballcap.

Didn't buy anything this time, although there was a Galil sporter for $475 available; too little time anymore.

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