Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Range Time

A "flex" day off, the homework is done, and it's in the 70s. Time to burn some powder, even if the wind is blowing my full-size pickup across the center lane every time I let up on the wheel.

Today's choice is once again the AR-15, and the Beretta 92F. Never hurts to go with what you know, and might have to use in the future. My AR is a Century C-15 mixmaster. I've read some truly horrible things about the quality of these, but it was literally one of the last ones Century had in stock during the great Obama Scare of '08. As far as I can tell, other than the new Century lower, the rest is lightly used, with the sole flaw I've found being a notch where the dust cover pin latches, making it overly easy for the dust cover to pop open. Making a slightly longer catch pin will take care of that. And what it's fed:

Yes, the nearly universally reviled Brown Bear brand. At the time of purchase, this was literally all that was available. Reading (once again) Internet reviews of the brand, I was expecting jams, extraction failures, and poor accuracy. I have had a failure to feed. Once. Today, after over 300 rounds without cleaning the rifle. Accuracy? All my shooting has been with paper silhouettes simulating the military pop-up targets, so it's been hits that count, rather than MOA; at 200 yards, unsupported prone, I've been able to put 40/40 on target. With sandbags and younger eyes, I think I'd get some reasonable groups. Come warmer weather, I'll try some bullseye shooting to see what I can get. Compared to reloadable brass-cased new production at sixty or more cents per round, I can live with a slightly lower level of accuracy, especially with torso-size targets.


DirtCrashr said...

Nice pic of the range!

MauserMedic said...


It's relatively new, and the club has had the good fortune of several highly motivated members to develop it. We're fortunate to have it, as otherwise it's private land or nothing for non-hunting shooting.