Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Beginning of the End

Our replacements are beginning to filter in to start their rotation. It's hard to believe almost a year has gone by this quickly. Covering radiology 24/7 except one weekend a month; doing rotating nights, weekends, and ambulance crew assignment as a medic; and starting my Masters program while here have made the time go by much faster than my Iraq deployment, where I focused my time on radiology, repeatedly playing Halo all the way through, and destroying portable x-ray units.

Now it's time for sorting through all the odds and ends I've picked up while here; what goes home, what's trash, and what gets sold to the numerous Fijians and Egyptians scouring the camp for deals. People will buy anything used here, if the price is right and it has any useful life left. Although the Egyptian staff's first approach is usually like this: "You have TV? You give me when you leave." That's not a question in the second sentence; it's a statement of fact, as far as they're concerned. And they become annoyed when you aren't willing to promise simply handing over your property. I've also had it directed at my for these other items: t-shirts, boots, camera, DVDs, Ipod, and medical supplies. Being shy isn't a problem here.

Can't say I'll miss this place.

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