Friday, January 16, 2009


I've expected that any Democrat elected as President would rapidly push for further restrictions on personal ownership of arms. I had expected that this would be in the manner it was done in the past, through the use of various members of Congress best described as socialists, regardless of the party registration. But until some of my recent reading of other's blogs, it had never occurred to me that a President may simply issue an executive order banning firearms, or some subset of them. There are some who feel strongly the incoming President will do exactly this. Personally, I think this could be quite possible. My impression of Barack Obama is of someone who is utterly sure he knows what is best for everyone else, and completely uninterested in what others think. He is someone who is interested in power, exercising it, and little else.

Should he issue an executive order, I have little hope the current Congress would overturn it. The Republicans seem to have become the socially conservative branch of socialists, while the Democrats are merely reactive, opposing anything that was formerly considered conservative for the last century.

The older I become, the more I believe we have been on a long descent into leftism since Roosevelt (the bad one) was elected during the Great Depression.


GeorgeH said...

Your fear and mine are about the same. I forsee mandatory use of a new 4473 by dealers, and the 'failure' of the BAT-F***rs to ever deliver the forms.

MauserMedic said...


I'm sure at the very least the non-legislative rules will be made much more difficult to comply with.

Brigid said...

It's not going to be good. I penned my wishes for what this country could be again today, but I fear it will not come to fruition.

Memphis Steve said...

I agree. Roosevelt continued an abuse that Lincoln began, only he expanded it in accordance with the beliefs of some of his advisers, who were in fact communists. Today we have 2 left wings and no viable right wing. The Republicans since Reagan have slid noticeably to the left while Democrats have run and jumped into screaming militant hardcore communism.