Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was sitting here in my quarters thinking it's pretty cold tonight, until I opened an e-mail from The Wife. MauserDog doesn't look very happy at all out in the back yard, and usually he'll lay down in the snow and you have to persuade him to come back in the house.
Future fuzzy slippers #1 and #2 require areas shoveled out for them:
because the snow is almost over the fence that comes up to my waist:

I'm looking forward to getting out of here, but going from sand to heaps of snow? Not so much.


Firehand said...

Son's unit rotated from Iraq(70's) to Germany(20's & 30's); he wasn't thrilled with the sudden temp change.

MauserMedic said...


My next stop will be Wisconsin sometime yet this winter. I'm sure I'm not going to enjoy that much either.

Glad your son made it back safely; I'd make up for the cold with wurst und bier, as soon as the opportunity arises.