Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Topic: Things That Instantly Piss Me Off

Being in open barracks, everyone quietly minding their own business, and having an oblivious attention whore come in and crank the music on their laptop up nice and loud so they can enjoy it. What gene is it that causes people to be oblivious fuckwits completely centered on their own satisfaction while ignoring twenty other people in the same room? I don't know myself, but apparently it's linked to the same one that causes a need to use the talking-to-deaf-people voice volume while using the cellphone. Jackass.

PS- no comments about getting in trouble at work because of the picture. Because if you did, you shouldn't have been wasting your slave driver's employer's time surfing in the first place, Mr. Sneaky McSlacker.

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Ride Fast said...

My next door neighbors are like that. Asking, then telling them to quite up never worked. They even call the cops on me to complain I'm telling them to shut up.

I noticed it's lights out for their kids at 2100.

Starting the race pipe equipped Buell at 2130 and blipping the throttle sends a message they receive.