Monday, January 5, 2009

Media Gods

The regional version of CNN is covering the current Hamas/Israel war non-stop, which is to be expected. Unfortunately, this means I have Ms. Amanpour's mug popping up on the TV at five minute intervals droning on about the horrendous humanitarian crisis inflicted upon Gaza by the barbaric Israelis, followed by the standard noting that the Israeli's won't allow any journalists in Gaza with the implied suggestion that obviously they're trying to hide a massive genocide. Although they don't seem to have any shortage of footage being shot by their local stringers who probably live there full time.

There was something new this morning though. Now Ms. Amanpour is being interviewed by her own network about the war. When you reach the point of journalists being interviewed by other journalists as regional experts giving their opinions, I'm pretty sure you've gone past self-absorbed navel gazing into full-blown delusional narcissism. Then again, perhaps it's just the last month of CNN commercials of an introspective Amanpour gazing off into the distance as the wind stirs her hair while she does her own voice over telling us all how she makes the news understandable for the rest of us has made me sick of her. Because we're stupid, and she isn't.

H/T to Jessie Rauch for the interesting artwork. There's a number of these pieces at the website that are interesting interpretations of the larger-than-life news personalities portrayed as Greek gods. Apparently Ms. Rauch has both an acerbic sense of humor and some highly developed media skills.

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