Friday, February 13, 2009

Bipartisanship: Conform Or Else

The more often I watch CIC BO stump for getting the spendulus passed, the greater my conviction that any time a politician demands his pet project be passed it's probably in need of extended exposure to sunlight.

Demands for bipartisanship, are in general, a sop to the mentally deficient who believe there is a way we can all live with, if all of us are simply understanding and respectful enough. The problem from their perspective is that so many of us are so obstinate in refusing to compromise. Which is the problem that those of us who have beliefs about the value of individual worth have with the other side's idea of compromise.

I believe the other side believes they are right. I believe that for the most part, those that are driving the ideological engine of the White House are sure that if the peasantry would shut up and stop being unruly, they could do their job of making everything run the way it should, and everything will be fair. Which is why political opposition is so important. It seems many of the public thinks disagreement is the greatest threat to the general well-being. Apparently there is something about never having lived under a one-party political system that makes them look attractive for the sake of efficiency. I'd wager this same segment of the population was forced to suffer through history in high school, and hasn't willingly had an encounter with a book dealing with political history since then.

It's given me a small measure of hope that most Republicans have been resisting the financial time bomb being whipped up. It's my hope that some of the younger members of the party are willing to get aggressive, and continually point out the waste folded into the plan. That should hardly be difficult.

They might actually gain some seats when the time comes to vote again, if they stop trying to be Democrat Lite.

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