Monday, February 23, 2009

Stress? What Stress?

After a seemingly short hiatus due to returning from deployment, school is back in session. And I've gone from hanging out at home with The Wife for half a day in my sweats before doing some home destruction improvement projects to "wake up, study, eat, study, install flooring, study, eat, study, hang out for an hour, go to bed, repeat". This should be really fun once I start back at with working full time.

Topic for this week's class discussion- Business People: Amoral Bastards or Simply Tainted With Greed?

My Brain Hurts.


Bob said...

My Brain Hurts.

Is that a Monty Python reference?

Dymphna said...

That's one difficult topic. Until some study comes out, our evidence remains anecdotal.

Many businessmen I know have integrity, are generous, etc. Did you hear about the FL banker who distributed 60 million to his employees, including former employees he tracked down?

OTOH, there are lots of bastids out there. They make the headlines.

Maybe we could start with type of business, size, location, competition, etc., and go from there before we reach any decision.

Just a thought.

MauserMedic said...


Not intentionally, but it could have slipped in there over the years....... :)


You've pretty much summarized one of my posts for school this week. High exposure does warp perception, as far as I can tell.

Additional, it's a pleasure to have you stop in! I'm amazed you have the time; The Gates seems to have more content than ever.