Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ugly Gun Sunday

Another "sporterized" battle rifle. In this case, a ground-mum Type 99 Arisaka that went through the hands of a novice (I hope) gunsmith in the past.

This unfortunate rifle underwent a less than optimal bolt-bending procedure, leaving the bolt straight and directed sharply back, rather than having a graceful curve down the side of the stock:
The handguard was thrown away; the stock roughly bobbed; and what appears suspiciously similar to an aftermarket metal hose strap serving as a barrel band.

All of which was most likely wasted effort, as the original military sights were left as issued. Not a big deal when used as intended, aiming at center mass of a soldier's torso, where an impact six inches or more above the line of sight was still counted as a good hit. Not so much with the horizontal of a whitetail deer or feral hog.

Hopefully this old rifle will find a home with someone who enjoy shooting the 7.7 cartridge, but doesn't want to put wear on their excellent condition C&Rs.


cmblake6 said...

Yep, that's ugly. The kind of thing that doesn't make you wince to just sling behind your pick-up truck seat. Gak!

MauserMedic said...


What's sad here is that ammunition is so expensive for something like this, most people who have a pickup gun wouldn't use it. And it's ruined for people who collect for historical interest. There's one of these in the same condition in a local pawnshop. It's been in the rack for at least five years now.

GeorgeH said...

It was so ugly before being 'sporterized' that it hardly matters.

Ride Fast said...

I disagree, it's now ruined. Imagine a barn find of a stock Model A Ford. Cutting down into a Roadster would be criminal. Same here.