Thursday, February 19, 2009

Green Technology

Actually, Red Green tech. As I'm taking leave before returning to my regular employer, what could be more relaxing than starting a relatively simple project requested by The Wife (convert a tiny bedroom into a large walk-in closet)? Why, deciding to do a complete tear-down of the entire room, including stripping all wood trim, ripping out the old flooring, and repainting the entire room after repairing the 100+ year old plaster. Unfortunately, heat guns take a long time to work on wood with nearly a 1/16th inch build up of paint, and the follow up sanding is a mess. So by the time I got to the baseboards, it was time to get inventive.

Step one, remove baseboards from walls. As a bonus, find 1/2 of a movie ticket for when admission fees were ninety cents. Reflect on how old this stuff is. Step two, pull the nails without ruining the wood. Step three, haul boards out to garage and fire up this:

and slowly run baseboards one inch in front of heater until latex paint looks like overdone pizza cheese. Step four, use scrapers to make a giant mess in garage where wife can't see or smell it.

Actually worked pretty well, although you have to really watch the wood; it doesn't take long to start thing smoking compared to an electric heatgun.


Brigid said...

I could make a whole VAT of French Onion Soup with that thing.

Bunnyman said...

Any heating apparatus that looks like a turbojet automatically wins.

MauserMedic said...


but how long would it take to convince someone the lingering odor of kerosene is what all the greatest recipes have?


There's no such thing as too much power when it comes to tools :)