Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Response Time

This recent video (note: pawn shop ad precedes video) from a home owner's surveillance system demonstrates why no police department, no matter how efficient, can be counted on as a first line of personal defense. Unless your home is a military-grade bunker, retreating and calling 911 wouldn't have kept these intruders out. Given the speed of this assault, I doubt the owner would have had time to even make the call. There is no substitute for having a personal defense weapon readily accessible in the home. You can't guarantee surviving an exchange of gunfire, but your odds are better with an exchange versus simply receiving. Few criminals are willing to press home an attack when their own lives are suddenly at risk.

H/T to Survival Blog.


Bob said...

It's why I keep my big .45 Ruger Vaquero on the desk beside the computer. These days I even lock the sliding glass door to the porch when I'm inside, as well. I have the computer station set up so I can see anyone enter the driveway by turning my head to the left, and see out of the glass doors by turning my head to the right.

MauserMedic said...


I keep Smith & Wesson revolvers available. Not having to consider magazine springs taking a set, rotating mags to prevent that, and simplicity of use for my wife makes revolvers my preferred choice.