Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tear Down

Got offered a position halfway across the country. Working with and for vets, it's something I've been hoping to do for many years. The downside is packing up a house that's been lived in since late 2002. The Wife and I have a habit of acquiring things. In my case, things that go boom, and the equipment to keep them running. Which means moving interstate with equivalent of a small gun store's worth of stuff.

And I used to think hauling four duffel bags of gear around sucked.


BobG said...

To what area would you be moving if you take it?

AM said...

Hauling four duffel bags of gear does suck. Moving sucks worse.

I hope the move is worth it for you though.

MauserMedic said...


North Carolina. More people than I'd prefer, but there's a number of factors that make it acceptable.


Appreciate the good thoughts.

Wilson said...

But it will be worth the effort if it’s your dream job.