Monday, March 5, 2012

That's A Fine Idea, Maverick

Senator John McCain urges air strikes on Syria.

Yes, that will serve our national interests. Because we all know that the insurgents there are freedom-loving, tolerant, pro-feminist, religiously diverse patriots who just want to enjoy the benefits of democracy. Like Afghanistan.

And of course, Syria is just a third-world primitive nation. It's not as though there's anyone supporting their military with current technology anti-aircraft missiles and guidance systems. Like Russia.

And even if some of our aircrews were shot down, I'm sure they would have nothing to fear, as Syria is populated with people who both love Americans and are deeply committed to high standards of conduct in handling prisoners. We needn't worry prisoners might be transferred somewhere out of reach, for years at a time, in horrible conditions while being abused. Because that doesn't happen to pilots in undeclared wars.

And best of all, if we do this, we know we'll gain respect and love from the Muslim world. Because there's nothing they appreciate more than a helping hand from the American military.

Here's my plan: let the Islamists and Fascists kill each other. Because there is no good outcome for the US. None. Both sides hate us, but would gladly use us to defeat their opponents. And then rapidly turn on us once their gains were consolidated.

Perhaps when they're done, it will take them a few decades before they can threaten their neighbors again.


Wilson said...

I’m ashamed to say I voted for that man. In my defense I did feel ill afterwards.

MauserMedic said...

Eh, I voted for Palin. McCain just happened to be there. I've personally felt for years that John McCain represents John McCain. He's another fine argument for term limits.

Papa Whiskey said...

Don't worry, the USG will find some pretext on which to intervene. From Afghanistan to Kuwait to Bosnia to Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya to Afghanistan, this govermnent has never seen a Muslim population in trouble that it doesn't yearn to rescue. Meanwhile, the Christians of Nigeria, the Copts of Egypt, the Assyrians of Iraq, the Serbs of Kosovo, the animists of Darfur, the non-Mashona minorities of the late Rhodesia, and other non-Muslim groups are left in the lurch.