Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Big" Is A Relative Term

Spotted these outside of a dive shop in Sharm el Sheik, who rents them for tourists. The scooters are everywhere in Sharm. Actual motorcycles are few and far between, so I had to stop and look, which brought over one of the staff:
"You like? Very big machine. Very powerful."

Yes indeed, a beastly 650cc of pure power, I note taking a look at the engine.

"You ride motorcycle?"

"Yes, I have one at home"

"Big like this?"

"Yes, it's a big motorcycle"

"How big?"


A brief look of do you really expect me to believe that crap?, then a quick salesman's smile: "Yes, that is a very big motorcycle".

"My wife rides an 1100cc", which gets me a look of how stupid do you think I am that a woman would ride a motorcycle, let alone one of such stupendous size.

"Ah, yes. Well. These very big. Rent by hour."

Which I may well do the next time a get down that way. A 650 is a damn sight better than nothing, although the way people drive over here, I'll have to elevate my normal riding paranoia by a factor of 10.

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