Monday, June 23, 2008

Deployment Suckitude

Things that suck about multinational deployments:

Not being on the standard US Army supply chain;

Not getting hot weather boots on activation, 'cause your size is backordered.

Deploying to the desert in Gore-Tex insulated boots, 'cause they're the only tan boots you have on hand that fit.

Tasking your spouse with digging through footlockers of recently deauthorized uniform items in an the attic looking for the the boots you wore through the last half of your tour in Iraq, so you have something on your feet that other people can't smell after a month in the desert, while waiting for your backordered boots to show.

Giving up on the backordered boots, because your Iraq boots' soles look like they've been run over by a lawnmower after two months of walking on the gravel all over the post.

Spending $120.00 on hot-weather boots you should have been issued five months ago.

Having new boots arrive and realize that manufacturer B's size 11 is a full size larger than manufacturer A's size 11 boot you've been wearing, resulting in the abilility to shift your feet sideways inside the boot when laced as tightly as possible.

I hate long-distance shoe shopping.

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