Saturday, June 21, 2008

Recon Run To Beer Sheva Hospital

This was a run was to familiarize us with the route to the Beer Sheva hospital, so that we aren't getting lost when we have to do this in an ambulance at night.

My partner for the day, SGT M. This is how we are required to dress anytime we're enroute to Israel as long as we're on the Egyptian side of the border.

Coming up the entrance to the Beer Sheva medical center. Note the spike strips in the foreground, high fences, and security guard booths with steel traffic gates. Each individual coming in is questioned and inspected. This includes hand-held and walk-through metal detectors. They take bomb and firearms threats seriously here.

The common Israeli ambulance. I've yet to see any of the Type I or IIIs in Israel. The patients are unloaded out in front of the hospital, and wheeled in through the same ER entrance as walk-in patients. There seems to be much less concern with privacy here than in the US.

Photos above: Inside the hospital, some rather interesting biblical artwork.

One of the village girls who lives next to the border checkpoint. Kids will frequently try to get handouts from MFO vehicles.

Back in the Sinai, heading to North Camp.

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