Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm Suspicious.....

Message from fredtom on Patriot Guard Riders‏
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Sent: Fri 4/04/08 6:31 AM

From: fredtom

GOOD DAY TO YOU PLEASE, I am Master Fredrick Tom from sierra leon living in Ivory Coast, Please excuse me for this disturbance for I am obliged to do that. Please I have the desire to sell this my little quantity of gold willed to me by my late father. I wish to sell this 55 kilogrammes of 24 KARAT value gold as quickly as possible at a give away price to enable me start again my education. Thank you for contacting me by e-mail or phone if you are interested to my proposal . In the case you can't buy the gold your self, please kindly look for some one who can buy the gold as quickly as possible. Sincerely my life is at stake because of the political situation that took the life of my father, and this obliged me to live this country within very fast for life security as they are hunting to kill me like they did to my father. Thanks and God Bless you as I await on your most urgent response, Fredrick Tom,
Patriot Guard Riders

I don't think there even is a Patriot Guard chapter in Sierra Leone.

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