Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunday Ugly Gun

"You are bidding on my pride and joy. This is a one of a kind AR-15...."

Dear God, man, if this is your pride and joy I'd hate to see what you consider ugly. But it certainly is one of a kind.

"I personally applied the custom Tiger Stripe Duracoat scheme which is what really seperates (sic) this rifle from all others."

I agree, the rifle does indeed stand out from all the others. I've never seen a rifle that appears to have been finished in Revlon's "Hooker Red" nail polish.

"I receive nothing but praise from everyone who sees it."

This tells me that either you're the only one who's seen this prior to it being posted for sale, or your associates are masters at poker.

"This rifle is not for your average shooter, it takes a real AR-15 fan to appreciate this the paint/craftsmanship in this package...."

It's certainly not, and you've probably managed to offend or amuse 99% of the people in AR-15 community.

"Opening Bid: $1,299.00"

Thank you. It's been an awful week, and I can't remember that last time I've laughed this hard.

1 comment:

Tam said...

That better be $1100 worth of scope...