Sunday, June 1, 2008

Turning A Silk Purse Into A Sow's Ear

What you see above used to be a Yugoslavian M48 Mauser, essentially a version of the well-known K98, leaving aside the finer details of Mauser variants. M48s, while not really having much history, despite Mitchell's Mausers creative advertising, did have several characteristics endearing them to their owners. Beyond the expected Mauser simplicity and ruggedness, most display a high degree of craftsmanship, although not to the degree of early contract Mausers, in fit and finish. Wood is generally of high quality, with warm tones, and unexpected density for stocks that aren't laminate. Finish was still generally deep and rich, and metal to wood inletting showed individual attention detail. Most owners I've spoken with have been happy with the accuracy, generally using old 1950s surplus ammuntion. Below is an unaltered M48:

Sad to say, whoever slapped that stock on there lost all the simple, elegant lines of the original. Perhaps it's more accurate now, if the new stock provides for pillar bedding, and the scope is reliable. But it's not always about getting the smallest groups no matter what; sometimes it's about getting the best you can with what the system is, and enjoying the ride along the way.


nature223 said...

aw yeah...those almost steyr looking Advanced Technology (ATI) Mauser 98 Stocks....wierd

Turkish Prawn said...

There! That looks... freakish.

Why? What the heck was wrong with it before?

A personal observation on accuracy. I like to shoot old milsurps, mostly Mauser 98 actions, with iron sights, old ammo and almost always standing unsupported. I'm usually at the 50 yard, but sometimes at the 100.

One day at the range, I'm shooting away and having fun. My groups aren't that tight, but hey, it's windy and I'm working on breathing control.

Next to me two guys set up. The shooter is prone, with a bipod and a zillion X scope. The other guy is spotting. Folks... This was at the 50. Seriously, WTF?

If you need all that to hit target 50 yards away... you really need to think about a new hobby.

...Plus, I don't know what he was shooting but the home made, spray paint "camo" job looked laughable.

Turkish Prawn